Recipes Wanted and Needed

09/16/2012 17:50


Recipes Needed and Wanted: 

Recipes are wanted and needed to fill in the recipes from guest section! We wanting to feature recipes on our homepage. If you are interesting in submitting one or more of your recipes, please follow the directions below. :) Thanks so much for helping to make our Christmas website even better! Tell your Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousins, Neice, Nephews, Grandmother, Grandfather, Boss, Employees, or Co-Workers, and Even Your Best Friends or Not-So-Close Friends to send in their! :) Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas Year Round! 

Please send us your recipes that you don't mind us displaying on our Christmas website, along with your name (Optional: last name and state), and a picture of the dessert (if you have one.) No image is needed if you don't have one. A recipe will be fine.
Please send to:   (Note: If you don't have outlook express setup, you can copy and paste our email address in yahoo, hotmail, send your recipes in to us.)
Please make sure you have permission or rights to send me the recipe before you do so as to not infringe upon copyrights. Also, make sure the images are your own work, unless a person has given your permission to send it in to me. Thank you! :)